Jan 31.2024 – OGs Moto, the renowned Canadian-based gear company with a rich history of supporting motocross in Canada and North America, is thrilled to announce its official partnership with the WLTN Kawasaki race team for the upcoming 2024 season. This collaboration marks an exciting chapter in the motocross world as two influential entities join forces to elevate the sport.

As a leading innovator in motocross gear, OGs Moto takes pride in providing riders with top-quality, customizable gear to enhance their performance on the track. The partnership with WLTN Kawasaki, Canadian Kawasaki’s official race team based out of Walton, Ontario, is set to bring a new level of style and functionality to the motocross scene.

WLTN Kawasaki, entering its second year of operation, has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the motocross community. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the sport, WLTN Kawasaki is poised for success in the 2024 season.

The riders leading the charge for WLTN Kawasaki in the 2024 season are none other than Tanner Ward in the 450 class and Quinn Amyotte in the 250 class. These talented and dedicated riders bring a wealth of experience and skill to the team, making them formidable contenders on the motocross circuit.

OGs Moto’s commitment to supporting motocross aligns seamlessly with WLTN Kawasaki’s vision for success on the track. By combining OGs Moto’s customizable gear with WLTN Kawasaki’s powerhouse team and exceptional riders, the collaboration promises to be a winning formula for the 2024 season.

We are thrilled to join forces with WLTN Kawasaki for the 2024 season,” said Kyle Snelgrove, President at OGs Moto. “Our shared passion for motocross and commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and style make this partnership a perfect fit. Together, we look forward to making a significant impact in the motocross community and supporting WLTN Kawasaki’s pursuit of excellence on the track.”

Fans can expect to see the distinctive OGs Moto branding on WLTN Kawasaki’s riders, Tanner Ward and Quinn Amyotte, as they showcase their skills and compete in the 2024 motocross season.

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